Discover The Method My Clients Worldwide Are Using To Obliterate 20+lbs Of Stubborn Body Fat Permanently WITHOUT Impossible Diets Or Long Hours Of Tedious Cardio
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The Body 



Discover The Method My Clients  Worldwide Are Using To Obliterate 20+lbs Of Stubborn Body Fat Permanently WITHOUT Impossible Diets Or Long Hours Of Tedious Cardio...
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I'm Going To Take A WILD Guess...

If you’re reading this page... 

There’s a good chance you’ve tried to lose weight before in the past.

This is probably not your first time imagining how much better your life could be if you lost some weight…
It’s not the first time you’ve imagined:
  • Having people attracted to you when they see you in your swimsuit at the beach 
  • ​Fitting into clothes you’ve always wanted to wear for the first time
  • ​The feeling of pride you would get from seeing a smaller, happier version of yourself in the mirror
  • Finally feeling confident and powerful when you wake up in the morning rather than out of shape and in pain
But for some reason, you haven’t been able to lose weight and make this your reality yet.

Meet My Clients

You Are NOT Alone

Some of my clients tried to lose weight for YEARS before they started working with me and changed their lives in my Body Breakthrough Blueprint System (I’ll tell you more about the system in just a moment).

I’ve had clients tell me they purposely try not to look in mirrors in fear of seeing their bodies…

I’ve had clients tell me their insecurity about their bodies kept them from attending social events…

I’ve even had clients tell me they’ve been harassed and made fun of for their weight...

If that has ever happened to you...I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this.
Being rejected or made fun of for your weight is a painful feeling that leads into a downward spiral of low self-confidence, poor body image, and depression.

But…  There is good news 

If you’re anything like my clients…

I know it IS possible for you to LOSE weight and change your life.

But you don’t have to listen to me. Listen to my clients…

Kevin lost 19lbs without having to give up foods that he loves

Sheri’s 10 year old son is telling everyone how “ripped” his mom is

Magnolia was able to compete in her first bikini competition!

Juno calls joining The Body Breakthrough Blueprint one of “the best decisions of his life”

Mike was able to lose stubborn body fat and gain muscle in 90 days

And that’s just a few of the many clients I’ve had over the years.

Today, I want to show you how you can get the same or even better results than the people you just saw above.


What If It Was Possible…

For you to not only lose a significant amount of weight and step into your dream body, but ALSO possible to STOP the downward confidence spiral in your mind? 

What if we could create a positive “upward confidence spiral” in your life that could:

Make it easier to lose weight than ever before? 

Virtually gur-ran-tee amazing weight loss results?

Allow you to build a new, positive identity for yourself?

Fit better into clothes you’ve always wanted to fit into?

Maybe even help you become a role model and leader for the people around you?

Attract better romantic experiences into your life?

In just a moment, you’re going to see that this is VERY possible for you to do.

It’s the same method I’ve taught my clients in The Body Breakthrough Blueprint.

But before we get to that...



I’m glad you asked...

First off, if you don’t know me yet, my name is James Jiang.

I’m the Founder of an online movement called Boundless Fitness dedicated to helping people who have tried everything finally lose 20+lbs of stubborn belly fat.

Since 2015, I’ve specialized in helping people overcome body image issues to STOP their downward spiral, and create a new upward spiral in their lives.

By teaching people how to transform their bodies physically, I’ve been able to help people slowly change their entire lives for the better.

I do this through my unique fitness program called The Body Breakthrough Blueprint.

How I discovered this unique approach to body and life transformation strangely all comes back to the day I was cut from my basketball team in my junior year of high school.

Being cut from my basketball team was devastating at the time, but actually gave me the opportunity to transform my life, and eventually hundreds of other people’s lives around the world.

Let me explain...

Soon after being cut from the basketball team, I decided I was going to dedicate myself to the gym.

I wanted to look better, feel better, and prove to myself that I was worthy of being a healthy and in-shape person.

Many of my first trips to the gym I felt absolutely clueless like a deer in the headlights.

But when I hired my first fitness coach to teach me how to exercise and eat better, I started seeing truly phenomenal results that changed my life.

And it wasn’t all just a physical change. I found that the better shape I achieved in my physical body…

...the more my mental body started to transform.  

I was never really in “bad” physical shape as a kid, but I was never in great shape either…

What this picture doesn’t show you is the crippling anxiety I experienced…

The constant fear of rejection I covered up with being loud and disruptive...

That I always wore baggy clothes because I wanted to hide my chubby body…

The depression that followed me after getting cut from my basketball team...

You can’t see any of that in this picture. I hid it well like most people who deal with anxiety and depression…

But it doesn’t mean it’s not there.




The picture to the left is of me at a photoshoot in the midst of my initial “takeoff” into starting my online fitness business.

You can see I’m in much better shape physically, but if you look reeeeaaaal close you’ll see there’s more to it than that.

The anxiety, depression, and fear of rejection is all still there...but it doesn’t control my life anymore.

I'm truly happy with what I see in the mirror.

I’ve helped transform 1200+ people’s lives by introducing them to the concepts I teach inside my Body Breakthrough Blueprint Program…

I feel more confident than I ever have…

The pictures above tell a REAL body (and mind) breakthrough story.

In addition, my success has been recognize by some of the biggest news media companies world wide such as Fox News, CBS, CNBC, New York Finance, Calabasas Daily, Chicago Weekly and much more! 

This change all started by making myself a priority and focusing on my health and physical fitness. Once you begin to work on yourself, other areas of your life slowly begin to improve and fall into place as well.

But I’m the only one that’s experienced this…

My clients that you just met above like Kevin, Sheri, Juno, Magnolia, Rohanna and more have ALL experienced more than just a physical transformation.

They have mental transformations too!

While the physical transformation is huge. Your mental transformation will be the thing that keeps you in shape for LIFE.

So what I’m going to do now is introduce you to The Body Breakthrough Blueprint, everything you get inside, and WHY it’s so, so effective at helping people transform their physical AND mental body.

BUT let me be clear…

 This Is NOT For You If…

  • You are not coachable
  • You are not willing to put in the effort to have your own body breakthrough
  • You are a negative person that is going to push other people down
  • You are somebody looking for a “cheap” or “quick” fix instead of long term results
  • You are someone who “plays the victim” instead of taking responsibility for your life
  • ​You DO NOT want to burn fat or build muscle 
  • ​You are not resourceful and decisive
  • You are not willing to invest time, energy, and finances into improving your body and your future 
If that is you, then you exit out of this page right now. 

No hard feelings.

Nothing else I say is going to help you, so I’d prefer not to waste either of our time.

 The Body Breakthrough Blueprint Is ONLY People Who...

  • Are coachable and can take instruction
  • Are willing to work put in the work to have their own body breakthrough  
  • Are positive person who is not going to push others down
  • Are ready for a change NOW
  • Take full responsibility for their life and their current circumstance
  • ​Want to burn 20+ lbs of stubborn body fat and build fat and build lean muscle
  • Want to have a physical, mental, and emotional transformation in their lives to become an even better version of themselves 
  • Are willing to invest at least 1% of their week into improving their body
  • ​Are ok with committing to eat their favorite foods on a set schedule every week
  • ​Are willing to INVEST in their health/body as this will not be a cheap cookie cutter $47 quick fix program (I’m not cheap but neither are these results! Cheap shortcuts get you no where)

If that is you…

Then I built The Body Breakthrough Blueprint specifically for YOU...

So you're perhaps wondering...

What Do You Get Inside The Body Breakthrough Blueprint?

Let’s break it all down…

The Body Breakthrough Blueprint is a 6 month program with 4 crucial parts that allow people who become my clients to have their own “body breakthrough” moment.


The 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method

My 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method is a meal plan built to let you enjoy your life AND get in better shape every day.

Here’s how it works…

Instead of being told what you CAN’T eat, The 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method takes a simple approach that allows you to eat almost anything you want as long as it falls into your specified daily caloric intake for 5 days every week.

When you join the program, you will hop on a call with me where I will calculate your EXACT daily caloric intake in a matter of minutes!

It’s very simple, but often requires a few weeks of coaching to find exactly what works best for you. This is why I’m also giving you 1-1 access to me throughout the whole program (more on that in a moment).

 Instead of forcing yourself to suffer through a brutal and restrictive diet…

...I’m going to build a meal plan for you that allows you the freedom to eat WHAT you want, WHEN you want.

If you want to go out to eat, you CAN.

If you want to eat some birthday cake at your little cousin’s birthday party, you CAN.

If you want to eat tree bark and build a dam with some beavers, you CAN.


Tree bark is not a good source of nutrition and should not be consumed by people. I am joking, and really, REALLY don’t recommend this lol.

The point is that when you learn to use The 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method, you can eat whatever falls underneath your total caloric intake for 5 days every week.

Then, for 2 days a week, you will be given a more structured meal plan from me for you to follow explicitly.

The 2 days of meal plans from me each week are to ensure that your body is getting wholesome nutrition to help you get results in the program.

Remember that all these foods are chosen out of foods YOU already enjoy.

An example meal from me might be a combo of ground turkey, asparagus, and rice in a specific serving for you.

This way you get the freedom to eat what you want when you want.

You get the nutrition that your body needs on days of the week that you choose...

Annnnnd get amazing fitness results FAST!

This is the magic in The 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method.


The 1 For 20 Bulletproof Training System

As we all know, exercise is a big part of getting the physique you want.

The problem is that most people don’t understand the actual science of working out for their body.

You don’t have to do a basic workout to get basic results…

You can build a LASER TARGETED workout plan to get SPECIFIC results.

And inside the The 1 For 20 Bulletproof Training System, we are going to build your OWN laser targeted workout program together to get you the results you want.

So here’s how it works…

There are 10,080 minutes in every week.

To get fast results in this program, you have to promise me that you will dedicate only 1% of the time in your week to exercise with me.

That means that you only have to workout for 120 minutes a week to get your own Body Breakthrough!
 It’s really that simple.

During these 120 minutes/week, you will do 3 simple workouts.

Workout #1 = Upper Body and Core

Workout #2 = Lower Body and Core

Workout #3 = Full Body Domination

It’s up to you to choose when you do these 3 workouts each week. Most of my clients like spacing these workouts out to every other day so they always have a little time to rest before their next exercise.

These workouts will be customized to your level of fitness and shared with you inside our workout planner that we will update and work on together as you progress through my program.

My goal is for you to see improvement.

I’m not going to write workouts every month with the goal of killing you lol.

I just want to give you a path to success one workout at a time.


My 3-Way Destined To Discipline Accountability System

Let me be 100% honest with you real quick… 

The 1 For 20 Bulletproof Training System and the 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method are NOT what will get you the best results in this program.

Yes, your diet and exercises WILL create the physical transformation you are looking for…but the people around you will create the mental transformation that will make fitness part of your life.

This is why you will IMMEDIATELY get access to our Private Facebook Community when you join the body breakthrough blueprint for The Body Breakthrough Blueprint.

Inside you will meet every other member of my online fitness community.
These are people making the SAME fitness transformations you want to make. And I want you to meet them.

The reason why is because:

1.)  Seeing people just like you succeeding will show you that it’s possible for YOU to succeed as well

2.)  Because sometimes getting fit is HARD. And what will keep you going is having a shoulder to lean on. Someone to push you to keep getting better. And that’s what this Elite Coaching Community is going to give to you.

Inside this Facebook group you will get 2-3 posts from me every single day.

These posts are on everything from daily transformation pictures I get from my clients, updates on new nutrition, mindset, and training information I’m gathering to make your fitness transformations even better.

But that’s not all…

One of the biggest things I do in this group is a LIVE QnA Video every Monday.

In this video I will take any questions anyone has in the group and answer them live. This way everybody gets a chance to meet each other and get live coaching from me in a group setting.


1-1 access to me through phone and 1 Zoom call with me every week to revamp your plan.

Last but definitely not least is your 1-1 access to me.

The reason I give you 1-1 access to me is because the truth is that we all run into problems (including me).

And sometimes we need a helping hand to guide us through these problems so we can continue to make progress.

That’s what a coach is for.

Whether your car breaks down and you can’t go to the gym for a week…
Or you’re not sure what to eat during holiday celebrations…

Or you are going on vacation and don’t have gym access for a few days…

I can help you continue to make progress with whatever life throws at you.

This is why you will get my personal phone # to be able to text me 7 days/week…

You will also get invited to an in-person video call with me every week to talk through what’s working, and what we might need to change on your program.

If you need help, I encourage you to run TO me instead of running away from me.

A coach is meant to help you when you need it, and this 1-1 access to me will allow you to ask me for help whenever you need support.


VIP Support Portal  

Inside The Body Breakthrough Blueprint Program, you will get access to a bonus video library with downloadable materials for basically everything you need to know about fitness.

I call this the VIP Support Portal.

There are over 200+ videos on how to do exercises, motivational content to get you off the couch and fired up, replays for all QnA videos, and diet “hacks” I’ve discovered over the years that actually work.

When you get access to the VIP Support Portal, the goal is NOT for you to watch every single video. It’s just for you to have a resource to turn to so you always have answers when you need them.

All of this is a BONUS to your program at no additional investment for you.

Everything above is EXACTLY what you’ll get inside The Body Breakthrough Blueprint

These 4 parts of the program plus the bonus VIP Support Portal are what make The Body Breakthrough Blueprint is so effective.

You don’t have to listen to me though....

Just listen to what other people are saying that have worked with me in the past


These are real people getting REAL results!

So the question I have for you is…

If the training and philosophy of working with so many other people can get them results like this...what could The Body Breakthrough Blueprint do for YOU?
  • Would you be able to get a 6-pack like Shari?
  • Would you be able to reverse high blood pressure like Angel did? 
  • Would your kids start bragging to their friends about how buff you are like Sheri had happen with her son?
  • ​Would you be able to create new opportunities for yourself like Sergio or Magnolia did when they stepped on stage for their first fitness competitions?
  • Would you be able to step OUT OF obesity and develop a crazy 6-pack like Sal?
  • ​Would your confidence and motivation to get out of bed in the morning sky rocket like mine did when I made my first fitness transformation?
If you ask me or any of my clients, the answer would be a resounding “YES!”

Many of you may be wondering...

How Much Is A Program Like The Body Breakthrough Blueprint Worth?

This answer is different for everybody depending on how important their health is to them. But let’s break down how much most people are willing to pay trying to get in shape.

According to a quick Google search of me typing in “how much does it cost to hire a personal trainer?” I can see that Google thinks the average rate for a personal trainer typically runs from $40-$70 per hour.

And at that price it means you’re probably hiring a kid fresh out of a college with almost zero in person training experience. 

If you actually want to hire a good personal trainer with years of experience, you need to be prepared to fork over at LEAST $100/an hour. 

If you’re someone who’s serious about losing 20+ lbs of fat, you’re going to have to workout with your trainer AT LEAST 3x/week.

 3x per week * $100 a session is $300/week.

That’s $1,200/month.

And $14,400/year!

That's what most people are willing to invest to get in shape.

And remember...

when you hire a personal trainer you DON’T get:

A nutrition plan

A workout plan to do on the days you don’t see a trainer

1-1 access outside of gym hours

No accountability system

No weekly check in calls

No 24/7 access

All the money you give a personal trainer ONLY pays your exercises that you get IN THE GYM.


From the math we’ve done above, it makes sense that I would charge AT LEAST $14,400 for The Body Breakthrough Blueprint, right?

And remember, with The Body Breakthrough Blueprint you’re not getting not just getting workouts when you join.

In my program you get:

The 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method

My 3-Way Destined To Discipline Accountability System

The 1 For 20 Training Protocol

Weekly check in calls

And 24/7 access to my personal phone #

Compared to a personal trainer, I’m providing much more of my personal time to you and giving you FAR more resources to use to get in shape.

It makes sense that I could actually charge more than a personal trainer!


The investment to join The Body Breakthrough Blueprint is only a FRACTION of the cost that it is to hire a personal trainer.

Significantly less in fact.

Why would I give away:

#1: The 5/2 Metabolic Manipulation Method 

#2: The 1 For 20 Bulletproof Training System

#3: My 3-Way Destined To Discipline Accountability System

#4: 1-1 access to me through phone and 1 Zoom call with me every week to revamp your plan

Plus The BONUS VIP Support Portal

All for less than what it costs to hire a personal trainer?

The answer is simple…


My goal was not to build a program that only celebrities and athletes could afford.

I wanted this to be a program for ANYONE who was serious about losing 20+lbs of stubborn body fat.

I want to help you achieve your own body breakthrough moment. And when you have your body breakthrough moment, I’m counting on you giving me an amazing testimonial that I can use to help more people transform their lives in the future.

But since we’re going to be spending a lot of time together when you join the program, I want to make sure that we can work well together before you join.

That’s why I require everybody that wants to join The Body Breakthrough Blueprint to schedule a Body Breakthrough Call with me to make sure we’re really a good fit to work together.


(should take no more than about 3 minutes) and directed to my personal calendar to schedule a time that works best for you.

Goal #1: Can The Body Breakthrough Blueprint help you get to where you want to go?

Goal #2: Decide whether or not you are a good fit to join The Body Breakthrough Blueprint.

More instructions are on the next page to make getting your body breakthrough moment as simple as possible.

You may be wondering...

Frequently Asked Questions

“What kind of workouts will they be? Will it be too hard for me?”
The workouts in my Body Breakthrough Blueprint are split into upper body, lower body, and full body segments.
Each of these segments will include core exercises so you can start slimming down your midsection so you can see abs ASAP.

The reason they are split into segments in this way is because they are designed to push you!

So, to answer your question, “Will they be hard?”

The answer is “Yes.” They are supposed to be.

But will they be miserable, drag on for hours, and waste your time?


My workouts take 30-45 minutes 3x/week with minimal cardio.

That only adds up to 1% of your entire week!

The point of this program is not to see how brutal of workouts you can push yourself through without dying lol.

The goal is to GET. YOU. RESULTS.

That’s it.

So yes, these workouts will be challenging. But they are not going to make you hate exercise for the rest of your life.
I promise :)
“Does the meal plan require me to cook a lot?”
Nope. But you can cook when you want to :)
I allow you to eat whatever you want whenever you want as long as you stick within your daily caloric intake. (If you don’t know what this is yet you can ask me on your application call for more details.)

My nutrition blueprint shows you delicious quick meals that even the busiest person can whip up and enjoy.
I’ll also guide you on good food choices to order when you are out and about so you do not fall off track!
 Can you help me still achieve my goals during COVID-19?

Let’s be real, we don’t know when covid is going to end (hopefully soon!). That’s why The Body Breakthrough Blueprint was built to make sure we achieve your goals regardless of what the world is going to throw at us.

I have coached many clients during covid and their results were just as good (some of them better) than the clients I had before covid.
“When can I expect to see results?”
This is highly dependent on your current situation. But some of my clients have seen results in as little as 7 days.

This is because my Metabolic Manipulation Method is legit and helps bloating go down FAST along with a host of other huge benefits that will only get better as you go through the program.    
“What if I have more questions about the program or meal plan?”
You’re in luck because I am here to serve and support you through the whole program.

With this program you get access to me via the Boundless Body Elite Coaching Facebook group and my PERSONAL CELL number to ask any questions you need.

I recommend posting everything on the FB group because other people likely have similar questions to you and it will help me answer everyone’s questions at the same time.

But you always have 1-1 access to me as well just in case ;-)
“Will you work around injuries?”
Yes! I’m experienced with being injured...a lot. 

I used to play sports so injuries were a common thing. If you are dealing with health issues or injuries, let me know and we can work around it together.
“Can I do this program in the gym and at home?”
You will be able to train from home with ZERO equipment if that’s what you prefer.

However, getting a set of dumbbells or some resistance bands will give you faster results.

And going to the gym will give us even more options to help you progress FAST.

In other words, we’ll build the best program for YOU.
“Do you include check in’s to make sure I’m staying on track?” 
Yes. This is the whole reason why we do weekly check-ins.
Every week we will have a call at a time we agree on to “take your temperature” on our accountability call.

It’s just a check-in to make sure you’re still progressing and an opportunity for you to ask me questions face to face.
“Can I drink alcohol on your program?”
"How is working with you any different from working with other fitness coaches?" 
Simple. You are not just another number to me.
Why do other programs fail? Because the “trainer” provides a PDF with some basic exercises and a cookie cutter meal plan then ghosts the client.

They are simply looking to make a quick buck.

I’ve been changing lives since I was 20 years old and I have personal coached over 300 people.. The proof is in the pudding. Your results = My success.
"My situation is too unique/special/different for any workout to work with me. " 
Listen, I love you, but you’re not that special.
I’m saying this with a grin on my face right now because I know it might feel like nothing has ever worked for you before.

Heck, I felt the same way when I started training!

But the truth is that my program works if you work.
It’s that simple.

If we decide you are a good fit for The Body Breakthrough Blueprint, the program WILL work for you as long as you follow instructions.

I know this because I’ve worked with over a hundred clients from all sorts of different walks of life, and we ALWAYS got results together.

I’ve worked with:

- Soldiers on deployment,
- Moms/Dads with young kids
- Police officers that work 18 hours straight some nights
- Nurses/Doctors
- Entrepreneurs
- CEOs working 100 hour weeks
- Single moms and dads
- And more
"What if I want to lose more than 20lbs? " 
I’ve helped my clients lose upwards of 100lbs in the past. If I can help someone lose 100lbs, I CAN HELP YOU TOO.













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